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Opinion Column: Tax avoidance, until proven otherwise

April 18, 2024

Our tax associate, José Luis Campino, comments today in Diario Financiero about the the anti-avoidance proposal rule of the Tax Reform project presented by the Government: “History has shown that the concentration of power and faculties in a single organism is far from being synonymous with better results. On the contrary, it produces atrophy and abuse. This will create a rule that encourages accusing all taxpayers of evasion, so that they are the ones who must go to court to prove otherwise. We can only hope that the legislative discussion will allow the punitive impulses of the reform to be qualified, and taxpayers will be protected from the possible arbitrariness of the State, a fundamental pillar of a modern democracy and a fair tax system.”

To read the column, in this link: DF Tax | Elusión, hasta que demuestre lo contrario | Diario Financiero

José Campino