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Tax Treaty to avoid double taxation with the United States: Investment opportunities

February 27, 2024

The approval and entry into force of the tax treaty to avoid double taxation with the United States opens infinite possibilities for Chilean investors. Among the main benefits are:

1) The decrease in the withholding rates applicable by the US to dividends distributed by entities resident in said country to Chilean residents;

2) Decrease in withholding rates applicable to interest payments, thus facilitating financing via credits; and

3) The establishment of a preferential withholding rate for capital gains that a taxpayer resident in Chile obtains from the sale of shares, rights or partnerships or participations representing the capital of an entity resident in the US and the exemption from taxation in the source country of the income when shares of a resident entity with a stock market presence are sold on the stock exchange.

Likewise, this agreement should contribute to increasing direct investment between both countries, as well as providing greater depth and liquidity to our capital market, the latter due to the special rules established regarding capital gains from the sale of shares with presence stocks sold on the stock exchange.

In this link you can read the article from Diario Financiero newspaper, where our associate Eduardo Pfeiffer comments on the topic.

Eduardo Pfeiffer